Client Testimonials

The following testimonials are what just a few of my wonderful clients have had to say about my work.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know how profoundly my view of the world has changed since my first reading with you. I now truly believe in the saying that we are all "spiritual beings having a human experience and not simply human beings capable of having a spiritual experience".

You were the first medium to convince me that my partner had indeed survived his physical death and not only was he absolutely fine but he was still interested in the lives of those of us who were left behind. This knowledge helped me in dealing with my grief, to accept his passing and to understand that death was not the end but simply another stage in a journey we all take. I still miss him, of course, but l can also continue to live my life and look forward to a time when l may see him again.

When other people showed so much interest in how much l'd benefited from my time with you l realised that there is a lot of need for the kind of work you do. Over two weekends l watched you give reading, guidance, encouragement and messages from deceased loved ones. As the organiser for these weekends l had the privilege of watching you work and hearing so much positive feedback from those who attended.

I have also seen you work as a healer restoring health and bringing balance to the physical body. You were able to help clear a chest infection for which l'd taken numerous courses of antibiotics and also relieve a long standing thyroid issue. I feel anyone would benefit from a healing session, regardless of whether or not there are any evident health problems.

Lastly, Having attended your Psychic Development training, l would recommend it to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the spiritual realm and how we can all learn to be more in tune with our own innate spiritual abilities. You aim to demystify the mystery that often surrounds the spirit world and instead encourage us all to incorporate a new way of thinking about the world and our part in it, into the here and now.

Thanks again for everything l have learnt and experienced. There is nothing abnormal about world of spirit and the paranormal!  "


I have always found Steve's readings to be spot on and his healings to be very helpful for me.

Whenever l am in Melbourne I always have a session or two with him. I also get a good vibe from him, his humility, honesty and good will are real bonuses.  "


My encounters with Steve, were truly amazing and enlightening. It was an emotional roller coaster ride that nothing could prepare me for. I have always had an open mind to psychic readings and have had many over the years, however my readings with steve totally astounded me with the incredible detail.

Steve was able to describe every moment of my daughter's last days in hospital. He suffered the same pain she did, to the point he had to ask her to "back off" because the pain in his head was so intense. He could describe what we as parents were doing in the hospital-from leaving her bedside to walking down the corridor to the doctor's office to have updates on her progress. The accuracy of this information could not be questioned and was certainly not common knowledge as we were in a secure ward. Further, we never discussed in detail her final days or the medication or equipment she was on for it was too painful. So when he could describe the type of equipment that she was connected to as the doctor's "trialled" different methods of cleaning her blood- I was floored. My daughter died 9 months old from Meningococcal and through Steve she continues to visit and delight me.

On other occasions, the candles in the room would flicker like crazy, which signifies there are several "people" present. This is not a scary or unpleasant experience, in fact I welcome them. I ask Steve, "who is here today?" He will go around the room and describe who they are and where they fit into the family tree.When my parents and daughter come through, it is like having a conversation with them via Steve. The information is sometimes "future readings" and at other times it's about something that happened years ago, or about the Will, brothers, sisters etc. All family related events that when translated l know are my parents communicating with me, the delivery, the inflection in the voice and even the humour.

I always feel at ease with Steve and he makes sure you feel very comfortable. Steve is very generous with his time and always go over an hour-in fact allow many hours as when the spirits come they have plenty to say. I thoroughly enjoy the contact I have with Steve and are thankful for the time and support he provided whilst going through my divorce. Steve knew when i was having " bad days" and would ring me. I couldn't even fool him that i was alright- he knew I had been crying (wailing!!!) the night before. In the end, I would welcome his phone call because it always picked me up and gave me the nudge I needed to get through the next little bit- day by day.

Steve's connection with my family (spirits) brings me great peace and joy.  "


There are many people who have the gift of being able to contact those in spirit,but very few who provide the service that Steven does. He is so passionate about his work and aims to give his clients the accuracy,service and time every person deserves. His talent is truly amazing.

I have had very personal and accurate readings from Steven as well as numerous healings over the past two years or so and have found them also to be amazing. I didn't realise how much we hold in our energy field and how it effects us on a physical level. Steven has the ability to see the aura and gets information in many ways in order to identify what needs to be cleared and goes about his job in a truly professional and caring manner with amazing accuracy. He has been able to clear my pain numerous times.  "


l would call him before I would go to a normal doctor now. Working with Steven has been nothing short of life changing. I originally went to see Steven for guidance and direction as I'd just been through a major change in my life and felt a bit lost. Steven came highly recommended and as I've always had an interest in the spiritual realm it seemed like the right fit. I had no idea the journey that lay before me and it has changed my life for the better.

What was, from my perspective at least a healing sessions and reading, evolved into a journey of self discovery, healing, health and happiness. As it turned out there was work to be done and l had to make a commitment to give 100% to this process in order for it to work.

There is no hiding with Steven, he can see straight through you, so it's pointless trying to be anything but honest. I knew that in order to heal and move forward that I'd have to completely honest with Steven and deal with some pretty painful emotions. Emotions that had been buried for a long time, manifesting themselves in various destructive ways over the years. Over the past 12 months, Steven has helped me to work through these issues. He gave me the tools I need to keep myself grounded, focused and move forward with my life in line with what is right for me.

Steven taught me how to meditate, to slow my mind with its constant chatter and to be still and listen. He helped me conquer my internal demons and find peace within, not searching for it with material substitutes.

The healing sessions have at times been quite amazing. There are times when I've felt my body being cleansed of toxins and negative energy, other times when I've seen lightning rods come from his fingers as they scrape away the junk that has accumulated on me. These sessions have a profound effect, clearing away negative energy, leaving me feeling refreshed, relaxed and back to my true self. It's like an elixir that gets you back on the road to health and wellness.

Steve is the most gifted healer and psychic medium l have met. He's helped me change my life for the better . He's readings are uncannily accurate and the effect of his healings go beyond the usual hands on healing. He is humble, grounded, kind and giving. Steve most certainly has a precious gift and I recommend him to anyone who truly wants to grow, develop and reconnect with who they really are.  "


Steve was such a comfort to me during our talk. He helped me with so many issues that are now resolved and he helped me to start healing. These issues date back over 44 years. No psychic has ever got it right until Steve. What a weight off my shoulders! Even though I lived in the Houston, Texas area, it was like Steve was right next door and we were having a chat. I feel like l have gained a good friend. He took his time with me and made me feel comfortable. He's so easy to talk to.

I have met Lisa Williams and been to John Edward's show and Steve is their equal. On the other side of that, l have talked to so many so called psychics mediums and they left me with feeling disappointment. I am so glad to finally meet up with such a gifted psychic, medium. He was very professional and accurate, he is very gifted and during our talk he was 100% spot on. He also helped me with my gift. I have been opening up my own psychic ability. Although I consider myself to be at a very awkward stage. He is going to try and help me understand my own gift.

Thank you Steve, you're amazing.  "

Betty (Daytona, Texas)